JP Saxe

BIO: JP Saxe is a different kind of up and comer in the Toronto music scene. He is not only a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has impressed audiences across Toronto with his lyrical ability and vocal creativity. He is also a strong proponent of positivity, passion and collaboration among the indie music community.

One of JP’s favorite aspects about being a musician is the opportunity to play with as many different artists as possible and since the age of 14 he has done just that. He is the keyboardist for the Toronto Reggae Rock group, Down by Riverside and a founding member of the Toronto pop trio Trading Hearts. He has collaborated, written with and played along side artists such as Nikki Yanofsky, Slakah the Beatchild, George Nozuka, Jesse Giddings, Rehan Dalal, Craig Stickland, , and many others. He has also been a frequent performer in Jaymz Bee’s Jazz FM 91’s Jazz Safaris, impressing some of the cities most active music enthusiasts.

He speaks of his mentors, Robert Scott and Micah Barnes as his foremost influences. His Grandfather, renowned cellist, Janos Starker, has also had a profound impact on his perspectives as both an artist and as a human being.

JP has been compared to artists such as John Legend, Paul Simon, and Chris Martin, but regardless of the audiences’ musical tastes, JP’s lyricism has proven to be universal. His ability to condense some of the most intense of emotions into a verse, chorus or bridge has often left listeners in tears. Whether it be alone with a guitar or piano, or playing with his 7 piece band of some of Toronto’s most sought after musicians, JP’s music is always powerful.

JP believes in the power of art to inspire others and his passion for his subject matter is immediately obvious. The songs for his much anticipated debut album currently being recorded were inspired by the last year of JP’s life living both in Toronto and in a rural village in Kenya. It was in Kenya working at a local orphanage for three months that he discovered how his art could inspire others and led him to become part of a movement called “Anton’s Chair.”

For more about JP go to www.facebook.com/jpsaxemusic

For more about Anton’s Chair go to www.facebook.com/antonschair

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